Fundamentally this #AskEdB Twitter Party is about generating public awareness for the #GreenBuilding #HealthyHousing  #GreenLiving #Sustainability movement(s.)

The goal is to engage the public in a fun and interactive way in conversation around topics that are good for the planet, good for homes and good for us.

Participants in the Twitter party have the opportunity to win prizes and live-tweet with Ed Begley, Jr., our panelists and other (surprise) celebrity guests.

Our first event (June 4th) went incredibly well and (in the end) exceeded our goals Рwith a Twitter reach for the one-hour event passing 25,000,000!  As a result we are working to make this a regular event that will also highlight event sponsors; companies in the fields of #HealthyHousing and #GreenLiving and their innovative products and services that help us live greener.

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