RSVP to participate in this June 4th #AskEdB Twitter Party by leaving a comment with your Twitter handle below.  This lets us know you will be there and also enters you to win fabulous prizes that we will be giving away during the Twitter party!

To be fully eligible to win FABULOUS PRIZES :-) you need to do the following two (or three) things:

  1. Leave an RSVP comment below
  2. Tweet AT LEAST ONCE during the Twitter party event (between 6 and 7 pm Pacific time on June 4th) using the hashtag #AskEdB in your tweet.
  3. BONUS OPPORTUNITY: You will get a second entry (a second chance to win) if you ask Ed a Healthy Homes or Green Building question (or general environmental toxicity/ sustainability question) with the #AskEdB hashtag and using his Twitter handle @EdBegleyJr

In advance of the the Twitter party (and to get the most out of the event) we recommend you follow both @LeadSafeAmerica and @EdBegleyJr  – as well as all of the panelists and prize donors for the event.

92 thoughts on “RSVP”

  1. Excited to #AskEdB about green home ideas for everyday families. What steps can we take right now, on low budgets, to make our homes safer for our families?

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